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Over the years I have devoted my life to public service. For decades I have been a guardian of the community and an advocate for peace, justice and progressive social reform.  The historic and diverse community of Third Ward in Houston Texas is my home but I have taken up the challenges of peoples across the United States and in other country’s.

I have fought for equity, equality, diversity, social justice and human rights. I have organized communities, created innovative solutions for complex problems, passed legislation, built consensus in order to forge effective public policy and built a body of work in the public forum while standing up for working families. These accomplishments are a matter of public record, however, they were not achieved by me alone. This is not just my work this our work.

The Boney Family Legacy

My father, Dr. J Don Boney, served as the second President of Houston Community College and realized that the key to Houston’s national and global competitiveness is a highly educated, well-trained and skilled work force. He developed this vision and built a foundation of based on the idea that everyone could have the opportunity to access college and obtain higher education.  The J.Don Building at HCC’s Central Campus is named in his honor.

Dr. Jew Don Boney Sr. becomes the 2nd president of Houston Community College.

Dr. Jew Don Boney Sr. becomes the 2nd president of Houston Community College.

Dr.  Jew Don Boney Sr. (my father) named to Univerisity of Houston-Downtown panel

Dr. Jew Don Boney Sr. (my father) named to University of Houston-Downtown panel















The Houston Community College system is now one of the top five largest community colleges in the United States.

Beginnings in the Community…University of Texas-Austin

Transforming UT-Austin





The late 1970’s and early 1980’s was a tumultuous time in Houston and other major metropolitan cities sent reeling from a national energy crisis, depressed economy, a growing drug abuse problem  and passe local and national government policies.  During this time affirmative action was beginning to show very strong positive results, America was on the move, but prison populations and high school dropouts were at an all-time high as widespread drug use eroded the community conscience and its tolerance for addressing diverse  and complex issues.

The Reverend Jew Don Boney

Jew Don Boney: Catalyst For Action

Jew Don Boney: Catalyst For Action


Clarence Brandley: The Case of The Decade 1980’s

Jew Don Boney Takes up the Fight to free Wrongfully Convicted Man on Death Row

Jew Don Boney Takes up the Fight to free Wrongfully Convicted Man on Death Row

Long before the acceptance of DNA as evidence and the organizations like the Innocence Project, fighting for justice began in the streets, homes and hearts of the community.  The struggle to free Clarence Brandley from Texas death row took several years and the effort of thousands of people in and around Texas.

In the end, Brandley was freed and the struggle immortalized in the the made for television movie “Whitewash: The Clarence Brandley Story”

White Wash Clarence Brandley

Contact me for ordering copies of the movie.

Contact me for ordering copies of the movie.













When The Courts have the Knife:Case of the Decade 1990’s

To often in communities under siege by violence steps taken to deal with controlling the members of the community can go to far.  We saw this with the acquittal of the officers in the Rodney King Jr. trial.  In Houston, a county district judge advocated mandatory forced castration for violent offenders,  as a cure and punishment.

(Video link  ABC News Nightline March 12, 1992)

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